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Better Financials

Better Results

Restaurant accounting, payroll, HR, inventory, compliance, cost containment, & more.

You own a restaurant to pursue a passion and make money.
It's not because you enjoy accounting, payroll, inventory, etc...

Now more than ever, it's important to stay focused on your customers, concept and staff and not let anything stand in the way of your goals.  That's why thousands of operators outsource their back office functions to RestaurantLink. We offer a scalable, professional, and cost effective solution that is best-in-class. Regardless of size or concept, we can simplify operations, produce better financial results, and eliminate many of the pain points.    


RestaurantLink is a management company with an in-house team of highly qualified accountants and restaurateurs that are dedicated specifically to the restaurant business. Discover why thousands of operators nationwide have trusted RestaurantLink since 1995.

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RestaurantLink:  we solve pain points

Greater Accountability

We assign an in-house accounting team and a backup team to each of our clients.  This ensures that someone is always working on your financials and payroll.

Simple On-Boarding

The on-barding process is quick and streamlined.  Our team can have you fully converted and setup in as little as a few days.  

Affordable For All

You don't need to spend a lot of money to receive timely, accurate financials. You just need RestaurantLink. Our pricing is transparent and posted on the website.

No Contracts

There are no long-term contracts or setup fees.  It's up to us to earn your business every month. 

Trusted By Top Brands

From top national brands to regional and independent operators, we're the trusted restaurant management 
company for thousands of operators.  

Highly Specialized

 Our team is comprised of restaurant operators and restaurant accountants. We fully understand the business from an owners perspective.

From Our Clients

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“RestaurantLink almost always finds a way to exceed our expectations with innovative ways to achieve the goal and ultimately adding more value...Impressive! They are just different, and genuinely nice people that can take a tedious job and make it enjoyable.

Scott Ford


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