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Cost Containment: positive impact  

RestaurantLink Exclusive

For over 25 years, RestaurantLink has been a national leader in cost containment for restaurant operators.  Our financial first approach to business has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings.  


With RestaurantLink Cost Containment,  we combine our proprietary technology, procurement team, and local, regional and national contracts to offer the best possible pricing on products, services that you use every day. We also identify and present areas of opportunities.  

Scale & Impact

RestaurantLink has over $18 billion contracted across 800+ local and national suppliers.


It's not uncommon for our clients to realize 10-40% savings on food, beverages, linen, equipment, supplies, credit cards and much more!


100% of all deviated pricing is fully extended and is off invoice.  This ensures that real value is delivered at the time of purchase.  

Since 1995, RestaurantLink has been the leader in providing expertise and resources for restaurant operators, distributors, manufacturers and most of the industry. 

Expertise Beyond Compare

Savings on over: 800 suppliers!

Food & Beverages

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RestaurantLink Rewards

When you utilize RestaurantLink services you may qualify for additional rewards. Each year, we issue millions of dollars in checks to our clients. It's simple, the more you use, the more you earn.  

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