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An Open Invitation

Updated: May 8, 2019

If you ask our staff what they enjoy most about working at RestaurantLink, I’m sure many will say “Fridays at 4:00”. We set that time aside to thank our staff for their commitment, our clients for their trust and the suppliers for their support.

Please accept this as an open invitation to stop by our office any Friday at 4:00 for lite snacks, top shelf spirits and the coldest beer in the world (17 degrees). Weather permitting (which is not always the case in Kansas), we’ll head outside to the courtyard and turn on the music.

We understand this is not always feasible, especially considering RestaurantLink has thousands of clients from Florida to Hawaii and everywhere in-between. But if you find yourself near Overland Park, KS just know that you are always welcome at RestaurantLink.


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