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Often, the dream of owning a restaurant gets lost in the reality of running a business. It’s in large part why I started RestaurantLink in 1995. Simply put, we make it easy for operators to stay focused on what they do best, while we take care of the rest.

This includes accounting, payroll, HR, inventory, procurement, ACA compliance, WOTC filings, and more. While it’s possible to piece these services together, RestaurantLink is the only one stop solution. We’re also a dedicated restaurant management company and multi-concept owner.

This year, we’ll open and operate seven new chef driven concepts. They range from a modern Mexican, masa forward restaurant, to a 13,000 sq ft food hall. In order to scale, we utilize the same solutions that we implement for our clients. This keeps our mangers and chefs focused on what they do best, while the back-office team at RestaurantLink takes care of the rest. 


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